1.    75.4 grams of distilled water 58%.

2.    Beaker

3.    Digital scale

4.    6.5grams of vegetable glycerin 5%

5.    0.65grams of Allantoin 5%

6.    10.4 grams ritamulse scg 8%

7.    19.5 grams sunflower oil 15%

8.    6.5 grams of Shea butter 5%

9.    3.9 grams distilled water 3%

10.      2.6 grams of dl panthenol 2%

11.      1.95 grams of optiphen plus preservative 1.5%

12.      2.6 grams of scented pumpkins extract 2%

13.      A pinch of orange coloring


Ø Get a 100ml beaker; add distilled water, vegetable glycerin and allantoin. Stir thoroughly and place on the double boiler (this is the water phase)

Ø Get a 250ml beaker and add ritamulse seg, sunflower oil and Shea butter. Place the first and the second beaker on the fire (double boiler) after covering them with foil paper (oil phase).

Ø Allow the mixture to stay on the double boiler for 20minutes to allow them heat up to 150 degree Celsius.

Ø Get another 50ml glass beaker, add distilled water 3.9 grams + 2.6 grams of dl panthenol (the distilled water was added to dissolve panthenol ), mix until It dissolves.

Ø Addn1.95 grams of the optiphen plus preservative and mix thoroughly until it’s well combined (cool down phase).

Ø Remove the water and oil phase from the double boiler after 20 minutes and mix them together into the 250ml glass beaker then mix with a mini high shear mixer (this is suitable for making small quantity).

Ø Using the temperature gun, allow the mixture to cool down to below 138 degree Celsius then add the cool down phase into it and mix thoroughly.

Ø Get the digital scale and place a barrier between the beaker and the scale (since the scale is super hot) and you don’t place it directly.

Ø Add 2.6 grams of scented pumpkin. Extract and mix thoroughly.

Ø Add a little bit of orange coloring powder (but I will prefer turmeric powder).

Ø Transfer to a lotion container and allow solidifying more.

This is a light body lotion

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