INGREDIENTS                QUANTITY %          SIZE IN GRAM

1.    Distilled Water                                   70                                  5.60

2.    Hempseed Oil                                     2                                    0.16

3.    Shea Butter                                         2                                    0.16

4.    E-Wax                                                 10                                  0.80

5.    Stearic Acid                                        2                                    0.16

6.    Glycerin                                              2                                    0.16

7.    Fragrance Oil (Lemon Grass)            1                                     0.8

8.    Vitamin- E                                          1                                     0.8

9.    Preservative                                        4                                     0.32

10.           Rice Bran                                       3                                     0.24

11.           Babassu Oil                                   3                                      0.24

         TOTAL                       100%

Total Batch Volume; 8 Grams

N/B; In the amount batch, everything has to be in 100%, you can’t go above that.

Ø Distilled water has to be 70 – 80% depending on how thick or light you want it to be.

Ø Without emulsifying wax, we can’t make a lotion (it can be from 10-20%). You can get above 20% and can’t go below 10%.

Ø Depending on the preservative you but, the manufacturer will tell you the specific accurate percentage to use i.e. 1-5%. Make sure you call the manufacturer to ask the percentage that is allowed.

Ø Know the quantity of product you want to make and write it down.

Ø Calculate all the percentages and ensure its 100%. Also write this down.

Ø To know your % in grams, take your calculator or ask Google “what is 70% of 8 grams”. I.e. 70/100*8 grams= 5.6%. 

That is the simple calculation for distilled water used.

Ø After getting your measurements done.

Ø Measure all recipes with the measuring scale i.e.5.6g, 0.16g etc and set aside.

Get a mixing bowl and transfer all the oils and e-wax there (and all solids too). Add stearic acid too.

Ø Measure the water in different containers and heat both water and oil phase using the double boiler.

Ø Check the temperature and confirm it’s good.

Ø Add the oil phase into the water and mix while adding, make sure you stir while adding.

Ø Use the stick blender on mini blender to stir without forming bubbles.

Ø Allow the temperature drop before adding other ingredients. Use the stick blender because it helps emulsifying the oils and water really fine.

Ø Allow the mixture to cool down and for the temp to drop so that it can form.

Ø Temperature should be less than 100 degree Celsius before adding other ingredients.

Ø Add the vitamin E oil and add the fragrance then add the preservative using a dropper like equipment to measure it.

Ø Mix thoroughly to blend the mixture together.

Ø Transfer into a container (clean and sterilized container) cup container can be used but for a lotion cream, transfer the cream before it’s completely thick.

Ø This cream can be used by a baby because there is no harmful chemical in it.

Ø It’s a great moisturizer

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