The skin brightening mask will help to reduce discoloration and give a smooth skin tone. This mask is healing, soothing and super effective for most skin types. Use it weekly as part of your anti-ageing regime.


1.    Push up container for the mask

2.    1 cup of fresh organic pineapple

3.    1 cup of fresh organic strawberries

4.    2 tablespoon of Alma powder (Indian goose berry)

5.    Pumpkin seed oil

This facial mask can erase any kind of pigmentation you have on your skin. Any kind of discoloration, Malasma, post-inflammation, hyper pigmentation, if your pores is large, this will help close the pores. It’s an amazing mask and 100% organic. While using the mask, you will experience some sorts of peeling on your skin. Do not panic its natural and that’s how it is. You should store the mask in the freezer otherwise, it would melt. This mask should be used twice a day.

     Wash your face, scrub it and apply this mask. Allow it sit for 15 minutes then wash it off.


1.    Wash all your containers and sterilize.

2.    Wash the strawberries and pineapples then cut.

3.    Using a blender put all ingredients in then blend till it becomes smooth.

4.    Transfer to the push up container and place in the freezer for 1 hour.

Use twice a day everyday.

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