1.    Sugar (white) - 2cups

2.    Jojoba pearls - 0.5oz

3.    Kokum butter – 0.50z

4.    Beeswax – 0.3ox

5.    Shea Butter – 5.0oz

6.    E-Wax – 0.5oz

7.    Cocoa Butter – 5.0oz

8.    Mango Butter – 5.0oz

9.    Conditioning Emulsifying Wax – 0.5oz (more for dry skin)

10. Vitamin E – 0.1oz

11.   Silk Protein – 0.1oz

12.  Pure Pineapple Extract – 0.2oz

13. Wheat Protein (liquid) - 1.0oz

14.  Green Color

15.  Glycerin

16.  Rosehip Oil

17.  Hempseed Oil


Ø Get a clean bowl ready

Ø Add all the solids, oils and waxes into a bowl and meet using double boiler.

Ø Get a bowl; add the sugar and Jojoba pearls.

Ø Gently pour the melted oils into the bowl containing sugar and jojoba pearl then stir.

Ø Add all the liquids after measuring them, this will give water consistency (too solid because it would get thicker as the temperature drops)

Ø Don’t pour all the heated liquids in the mixture, add and remain small then add later again.

Ø Add more oil into the present mixture because it’s too thick then stir.

Ø Always add ingredients (sugar, heated oils and wax) but by bit so that you don’t end up making a large batch.

Ø Add 4 drops of color or more until you get your desired color by adding other ingredients.

Ø This is an amazing scrub for winter

Ø Add other ingredients which are wheat protein, pure pineapple extract, vitamin e and silky protein.

Ensure the temperature is down before adding the ingredient especially vitamin when added, the temperature is higher and will not function.

Ø Add preservatives and mix properly. It’s important since we are using it in the bathroom sand might come in contact with water. Preservatives prevent bacteria from growing inside the scrub.

Ø Add I tablespoon of the preservative and mix thoroughly. It should always be the last thing to add when making any product.

Ø Transfer the scrub to a plastic container


In the process, we had excess oils that were not added to the mixture so there’s no accurate measurement.

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