Let’s look at what a makes up a basic routine.

i.       Removing your makeup with makeup remover and pre cleanser.

ii.     Cleanser

iii.  Toner

iv.  Moisturizer

v.     Sunscreen ( SPF)

This routine should do twice a day. Of course, we don’t need a sunscreen in the evening. A good mushing cream will do that.

STEP 1: 

Our first step in the basic skin care routine is to remove our makeup with makeup remover and pre-cleanser. The skin with pre-cleanser helps the breakdown of foundation and pollution on the skin.  Make up remover is used to remove your makeup before you cleanse the skin. Using a makeup remover is not enough because it will leave an oily layer of the skin as well as any remedies of makeup and could actually end up clogging your pores. Makeup remover needs to be shaken before use. Makeup remover is great for all skin types.

Incorporating a pre-cleanse to your routine along with the secondary cleanser using your desired cleanser type is called Double Cleansing. It is recommended when using heavy or oil based makeup.

Oil based makeup is used to dissolve makeup and oils on the surface of the skin and it is also great for a dry skin type.

Do you know what your skin type is?

We will cover this on our future lessons.

STEP 2: 

The second step in our basic skincare routine is Cleansing.

It is important we cleanse the skin twice a day (morning and night). Cleanser helps to remove

i.                   Dirt.

ii.                 Makeup.

iii.              Pollutant that your skin has come in contact with.

Cleanser ensures the skin functions of optimal level. We will be discussing the functions of the skin our upcoming module.


There are three (3) types of skin and we will categorize the cleansers based on skin type.

1.    Cleansing gel

a.     Foaming action

b.    Design for oily and combination skin

c.     Balance the oil production in the skin

2.    Cleansing lotion

a.     Creamy water based cleanser

b.    It works well in dissolving dirt

c.     It rarely foam

d.    They are great for sensitive or dry skin

3.    Cleansing Cream

a.     It is thicker and an oil based cleanser but we do not want our skin to be oiler after cleansing.

b.    It is used to emulsify make up or as a replacement for a pre-cleanser, depending on your skin type.

c.     It is good for extremely dry or sensitive skin type because they are oil based.

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