Little Bride Hair Style In Nigeria

Firstly, am going to part the hair into four different sections then add a little mimosa hair honey by Carol's daughter to each section of the hair. Am going to work this product through from the base of the hair to the ends to condition the hair as well as to control frizz then am going to spay the hair with my spray butter just to add extra moisture. Next is applying my curly gel moisturizer to lay down the edges of the hair, apply a small amount, brush it in and secure the ponytail with a rubber band. Im going apply the steps above to all other sections of the hair and this is how the hair looks after placing each sections into a ponytail. 

Next, am going to take my curly chic moisture in minutes and apply it to each section of the hair before twisting. This leave-in conditioning jelly provides a light whole and hydrates those thirsty curls. They repeat these steps of adding the curly chic moisture and twisting to each section of the hair. its important to twist each section into a smaller twist so as to get more defined with the textured buns. I do not like to use a heat drier so am going to allow these twists to dry for a few hours. 

After the twist has dried, am going to take some coconut oil and add just a small amount to the twist before untwisting it. If you decide to do this style on your daughter's hair, i will recommend twisting the hair, allowing it her to sleep overnight, and style the next morning. In order to make the bun, am going to simply take the hair, roll it up and just pin it down connecting each bun. Am going to repeat this to each section of the hair. Am going to fluff and separate the buns to make it fuller. 

Add a bow or your favourite accessories and this is how i achieve the textured bun-hawk hairstyle for a little bride. 

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