Chief Bridesmaid Hairstyles in Nigeria

In this article, I will be teaching you guys how to make Chief Bride's made hairstyle. Let's get started

Firstly, am packing my hair into a ponytail using a small tail comb to do so after washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner and going through the drying process hand dryer so as to get a smooth and neat look of the hairstyle. Now, I'm using a thread to secure the ponytail but before then, I made sure that the hair is properly and neatly packed. After securing the ponytail, am just going to weave the packed hair from the root to the tio into a single braid. Once am done, we are going to move ahead to folding it and would make use of a thread to secure the folded one.

Once that is done, we will just start applying gel on the hairstyle or a packing gel hairstyle. I like to apply enough gel with my hands before I start smoothing it. Once am done with the application, i like to use a small comb to just go ahead to comb it so that it can penetrate down to the cup of the hair that the gel can penetrate down to the scalp of the bridesmaid. To get a very perfect and neat ponytail, you need to smoothen it and ensure it is neat. Brush it upward to where the ponytail is and it will bring up the flyaway hairs. For the fly-away hairs to be secured, make use of a straight line

so as to make it smooth and neat.  

Today, i will be using a Jamaican lock from xpression with its fiber being produced by QRang. QRang is a brand that specialized in dreadlock fiber. The fiber is visible in expression dreadlocks products as QRang fiber is used in making products. I will be styling the Jamaican locks in which is very special and different in size and length. In a pack, you get about 24 pieces and it's available in different colors, for example, wine, plain black, color 33, and color 36 as well. I will best be using one pack of the hair for this hairstyle but a combination of two colors, wine, and plain black. It took about some pieces of the dread. For me not to get a very long lock, I will be cutting it into two with the use of scissors so it length can reduce. Once am done with that, I am going to use a rubber band on it. About two pieces of a rubber band are needed to achieve this. 

Am going to attack it in such a way that it will be facing the front. After attaching or installing it, i can now flip it down for the hairs to fall down backward so that it can cover all the parts where i installed it. You can either stop at this juncture or continue with the next step. For the nest step, I picked about 5 dreads together then weaved them to a braid. I am using the braided box braided dread to further style the bottom of the pony. I am cutting the excess tip before i go-ahead to install it by wrapping the first layer. After that, am going to secure it with a needle and thread before i move on to the next layer. We will be sewing all the layers of the hair with needle and thread so that the box braid can be suecured because you dont want it to remove or fall off when the bride's maid is dancing. For a little bit of highlight, i will be using an extra wine dread round the bottom of the box braid. After that i will secure that with the use of needle and thread and ensure you are using a black needle when making this kind of hairstyle because you dont want everyone to know how you achieved the style. Thats all, see the finished result below. If you dind'n get this exact result then you need to go back and follow these steps from the beginning again.

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